About Us

Founded in 2013 after long-term client Nicola Smith of A Handcrafted Business reached out to us with a problem.

Ben had been helping Nicola out with her own websites for quite some time and she had already been recommended us to anyone who would listen.

She was just preparing to launch A Handcrafted Business and knew there would be plenty of handcrafters who would need help creating their websites, and she just didn’t like what she’d seen from the website builders on the market – you’ve seen them all with their TV ads (Who am I kidding? We all fast-forward through them, don’t we?) that claim to be as easy as 1..2..3.. and then look eerily similar to the dogs dinner.

With a matter of days, the idea for Handcrafted Hosting was perfected. It wouldn’t be as easy as 1..2..3.. but with the right motivation (to change your business and your life) and the right support (us!) we’d make it as easy as possible whilst ensuring the site was professional and functional.

Ben Rosier (pictured) oversees the Handcrafted Hosting team.

If you have a question, either before or after you purchase a package from us, it is most likely that it is Ben who will reply to your email.

He’s been using WordPress (the system at the core of all our packages) who the best part of ten years and knows it like the back of his hand. He regularly contributes his free time to helping other WordPress users in the forums.

Email Ben at hello@handcraftedhosting.co.uk.

Handcrafted Hosting is a division of Rosier Internet Ltd., a UK web hosting and domain registration specialist.

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