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The internet can be a confusing place, especially when it comes to creating websites.. we’re here to help take away the confusion. Since 2011, we’ve been helping handcrafters (just like yourself) create their websites. Regardless of your ability, or what you think your ability is, we can help you – you just need to let us know if you are unsure of something or need further explanation. Every question is valid so you shouldn’t hesitate to ask us.

With this package, you will be able you to build the website your business requires and deserves. Perfect if you wish to advertise your crafts and allow your customer base to get to know who you are, inspiring trust and confidence in you and your business hopefully leading to sales.
Whilst we don’t recommend it, as you potentially pass the sale to someone else, you can also advertise your shop elsewhere on the internet – such as Etsy, eBay, etc.

How our packages differ from standard hosting packages?

Most standard web hosting packages, like those we offer through Rosier Internet, don’t include the support to actually build a website – they just cover hosting support, such as helping you set up email accounts and ensuring the server is properly configured.

Unlimited Pages

We don’t impose a limit on the number of pages you can add to your site.

Integrated Blog

Great for both communicating with your customers and SEO; you have the option of whether to have a blog or not.

Wide Range of Themes

We’ll start you off with a highly-customisable theme that can work for any website but if you aren’t satisfied with it, you can choose from a wide range of themes – both free or paid for.

You can browse the free WordPress theme library or simply search Google for WordPress themes. The possibilities are endless.

Extend your website

Plugins enable you to extend the functionality of your site. Whether you want to add a store, membership area, live chat or create a full-on social network… there are plugins for all those and so much more.

Like the themes, the possibilities are endless and include both free and paid options. Check the WordPress library or search Google for WordPress plugins.

No Technical Experience Needed

The system is easy-to-use, so if you follow our directions you can’t wrong. You don’t need any HTML, PHP or even MySQL knowledge – you don’t even need to know what they mean!

Unrivalled Support

Setting up a website can be complicated – we make it easier with a range of tutorials, walking you through step-by-step, and if the tutorials don’t answer your questions, we are on standby, ready to help you.

Optional Extras

In addition to our standard packages, there are a couple of optional extras you can purchase that will go nicely with your package:

SSL Certificate - from £60/yr

An SSL Certificate will encrypt the data transferred between our server and the end-user (your customers), and ensure it cannot be intercepted. It isn’t a necessary requirement, as the actual financial transaction takes place on PayPal’s website where the information exchanged is encrypted however it will secure your customers personal information (such as address and order details) and can help boost their confidence in your business by displaying the green padlock to the left of your url in their browser. If you want to add an SSL certificate, please get it touch and we’ll notify you when to purchase it from the Rosier Internet website. Although you can add a certificate at any time, it’s best to do it from the outset to ensure you don’t have to go all through your website making alterations.

Managed Package

Want some extra assistance with your website? With our Managed Package, we take care of:

  • Daily updates – from the core software to your theme and plugins, we ensure it’s always up-to-date.
  • Backups – regular backups so if the worst happens, we can quickly restore it (free of charge) and get you back up and running asap.
  • Performance & Security Scans – each month we’ll run perfomance and security scans on your website and make tweaks accordingly.
  • Audit – we’ll take an look at your site and if we feel anything needs changing, we’ll let you know.

Our Managed Packag is charged £10/month & we currently have availability to take on more clients.

More Information

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you actually get with the package:

  • Web hosting for one year (then £17.99/yr), which includes unlimited web space (if needed) and professional email accounts, such as
  • Installation and configuration of WordPress – along with key plugins to ensure it is optimised for your use.
  • Lifetime access to WordPress tutorials.
  • One years WordPress email support.

For further information, please ask us any questions you may have.

  • Please use all lower-case letters for your email address.

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